Voip and SMS

Monitoring, Testing,
Fraud Detection

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Fraud Detection

Quick adaptation to the new fraud scenarios

Simbox, Hacking, IRSF, Warning and more

Multitude options help you to test how do your routes work.
CLI, FAS, LOOP, PDD and more.
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We provide the ability to check real SMS deliverability.
Test your providers with Voity!
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One tool for different tasks: CDR & Trace extraction, Loops finding, Fraud detection and others. Deal with all challenges using the best alert-system!
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We have created smart alerts powered by machine learning algorithms.
Be aware wherever you are.
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From the outset we develop our products in a way to customize them further according to the specific needs of our customers.

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We have flexible system of payments. It is not aimed at making client dependent on us.


Our service of technical support is very cooperative and it will quickly assist you to resolve questions.


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Who is Voity?

Hardcore IT specialists experienced in telecommunications. Our main principle while recruiting is to hire professionals, engaging in Voity-job with interest.

What does Voity do?

Telecommunications is our speciality. It`s the field we like and understand. We have VoIP and SMS solutions both for large telecom-operators and for small retail or wholesale companies.

Why Voity is worth choosing?

Voity is a modern company that provides most relevant solutions in telecommunications. It is counting on well-trained and motivated techs, whose first priority is to solve client’s problem.

How much does it cost?

Pricing policy is designed so that it doesn’t get somebody addicted to Voity - Voity-products do! The subscription fee is established as monthly payments. But when connecting client pays minimal tariff or doesn`t pay anything. That is why you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of money in case of refusal to our service.

Test Period?

Yes! There is a free test period for our products. During this time you’ll have an opportunity to understand if Voity-solutions is sufficient for your business.

What about discount packages?

Voity provides large number of telecom-solutions. If you buy more than one product, we can get an agreement about your discount.

Does Voity provide support for fees?

You won’t have to pay for tech.support. The sum that is defined when buying includes support service.

How long it takes to get answer from tech.support?

No more than two hours as usual.

How to turn for help?

Via e-mail support@voity-solutions.com. If you co-operate, an additional faster channels to contact will be defined.

How long the installation will take?

It depends on product that should be installed and client`s requirements. From one week to month as usual.

Whether Voity-products are safe?

We are following closely and with great responsibility the question of safety of our products. All our solutions have high security level. And we’re ready to make clear this point individually.

Whether cloud technologies have place in Voity?

Some products work in a cloud. The rest can be kept in a cloud or at the client’s local.